Sharkey's Wrath

Elizabeth G Vietri

Wormtongue stood in the tower of Orthanc, listening to Sharkey far below him speaking to Gandalf the Grey.(Now Gandalf the White) Their voices haunted his mind. Sharkey's was snake like with a faint hiss to it, and Gandalf's strong and commanding. He glanced around the room feverishly, wanting, desperate to make them stop. He heard Sharkey scream wildly and Gandalf reply coldly. Gandalf would destroy Sharkey's staff, and Sharkey would vent his wrath upon him.

"Poor little Wormtongue," he thought pitifully to himself, "Poor little Wormtongue always hit and kicked. It is Gandalf! He has brought this upon me! He will make Sharkey angry, and Sharkey shall hurt and spit upon my face. Oh how I hate them! I hate them both!" His searched the room hungrily, and his watery eyes fell upon a large crystal ball sitting on a small circular table. Snatching it up he ran to the window just as the crack of Sharkey's staff filled the air. He stared down at Gandalf's wizened and face, and the top of Sharkey white head. His hands shook, unable to decide of where to drop the crystal, in one swift, bloodthirsty moment he dropped the globe. It bounced off the iron rail, and narrowly missed Gandalf's upturned face, just as Sharkey's disappeared back into the Orthanc. With a sharp cry Wormtongue fell back into the room, his one chance for revenge was gone, and he knew very well he would pay for his moment of weakness dearly. Even now he could hear Sharkey storming up the winding stairs.

Wormtongue huddled in the corner cowering, waiting, ever waiting for his hated master. With a great boom the doors opened and the shriveled figure of Sharkey entered.

"Wormtongue!" He screeched, "Come! Obey me now!" Then his eyes fell upon the bare table that had once held something invaluable to him. His face grew hideous as his eyes bulged and his face grew even paler. Pale lips opened and from deep within came a wild shriek that shook the walls. Sharkey turned sharply and stared at the Wormtongue, crazed fury aflame in his heartless eyes.

"You!" screamed and lunged at the whimpering figure of a man. Womrtongue had been correct. He would pay dearly for his actions.