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All about Orcs Heren Istarrion 10 Feb 2003
Heren Istarion covers jsut about anything there is to know about orcs - nature, origins, etc.
I'll Give Him A Gollum In His Throat The Black Hand 20 Jan 2001
How did Smeagol become such a muttering, noisy creature?
Time George Lashkhi (aka Heren Istarion) 20 Jan 2001
Another Middle-Earth inspired poem.
Olog-Hai Fidelity Mr. Underill 15 December 2000
Mr. Underhill explains how Olag-hai were the only sun-resistant trolls in Middle-Earth. (Beware fuzzy math ... heh... just kidding...this is a great article!!!!)
Olog-Hai's and Lows The Barrow-Wight 13 September 2000
Who, what and where were the Olog-Hai: and other troll stories.
Did the Valar neglect the first Men? Gwaihir Windlord 7 September 2000
A look into the different way the Valar reacted to Elves and Men.
The Quest for the Empirical Hobbit: Leif Jacobsen 2 July 2000
A Comparative Study of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings
The Undefinable Shadowland Leif Jacobsen 2 July 2000
A Study of the Complex Question of Dualism in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
Did the Ring speak on Mount Doom? by burrahobbit 17 June 2000
burrahobbit explains why he thinks the Ring spoke at Mount Doom. Stay tuned for the Barrow-Wight's article on why it did not speak (at least, that's what the Barrow-Wight says *grin*)
The Lord of The Rings - Mythology, Philosophy, Allegory Essay by Manuel Steiner 9 June 2000
Manuel Steiner got a 30/30 (A++) grade for this essay he wrote to qualify for his university. It is quite long, so download it HERE if you'd rather read it offline.
Who killed the Witch-king? Barnaul 9 June 2000
Barnaul explains who he feels was responsible for the death of the Lord of the Nazgūl.
Did Balrogs Have Wings? Ron Kittle 11 August 1999
Ron explores the possibilties of winged Balrogs.
Why did Bilbo choose Frodo as his heir? Ron Kittle 10 December 1999
Ron thinks about the motivations that led Bilbo to choose Frodo as his heir.

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