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Congratulations to our winners!

The Barrow-downs would like to thank everyone who entered the contest. We had a difficult time deciding between the hundreds of haikus that were submitted, and the competition was very close, but the judges of the first Barrow-Downs Middle-earth Haikus Contest are proud to announce our contest winners.

Best Serious Haiku
Vince "Thenamir" Smith
Sunset-touched flowers
Atop a besmirched stone king
Dignity reclaimed

Best Funny Haiku
Alan Lensink
Eggs in the pantry,
but this bed is very warm.
Hobbit life is rough.

Each of our winners will
receive a copy of

The Hobbit

An illustrated edition
of the fantasy classic.


There were many great haikus, and we would like to present the ones that made it to our finalist lists.

Serious Runner Up #1
Lorien's last leaves
Glints of gold in Anduin
Spiral toward the Sea


Serious Runner Up #2
Nightingale slumbers
Arien sails now on high
The lark greets the day

Kitsy "Luthien Tinuviel" Maese

Serious Runner Up #3
Sunset and soft wind
Timeless golden leaves rippled
Mallorns set aflame

Vince "Thenamir" Smith

Funny Runner Up #1
"Attercop!" he cried
Futile arachnid fury
Their larder burgled

Angela "Iulbahar" Earthy

Funny Runner Up #2
If Sam kept the ring,
Barad-dur would have flowers,
Mount Doom, potatoes.

Alan Lensink

Funny Runner Up #3
Obese barkeeper
Running around all day long
Growing no thinner

Vince "Thenamir" Smith

All Other Finalists
(In no particular order)

Stone bridge spans the chasm
Dark drums beat ominous doom
Gnarled staff smites the rock

Angela "Iulbahar" Earthy

Life is fishesss, yesss?
It is sweet! It is tasssty!
And then stinksss, it does!

Lillina C

From afar I watch
Shadowfax in the dawn mist
Safe journey Gandalf


Balrog steps on bridge
Which creaks, cracks, breaks. As he falls:
"I thought I had wings...?"

Katherine Lash

Hobbit; small, afraid;
Walks with weary steps towards doom;
Strength within weakness.

Nat and Rose Sharpe

Skitsafrantic once,
Yes, precious, yes, long ago,
We're all better now.

Jedi Hobbit

At Mithlond I see
Dreaming clouds, the Narrow Way
To the golden West.

Dan "Inziladun" Brown

Turin is a star
On Springer his wife told him
She was his sister.

Dan "Inziladun" Brown

Owl and Fox look up
Something is different tonight!
Elves are passing through


Slinker in the day,
Stinker in the night so darků
Smeagol's bipolar!

Alisha LoRe

Lover of the Sea
Glistening of elven-gems
Sails into the stars

Noele Norris

One Gross of guest folk
Shuffle inattentively
In a flash he's gone!

Angela "Iulbahar" Earthy

golden canopy
the voice of Nimrodel sings
among the mallorns

Salina DiIorio

Do Balrogs have wings?
Do dwarven-women grow beards?
Is this wasting time?

Alan Lensink

Golden Rauros falls,
Ever changing; still the same.
Watching ages pass.

Nat and Rose Sharpe

From tree and barrow
Bombadil saved the Hobbits
Film casting sucks Tom

Matt "The Bullroarer" Sprague

Fishess my precious,
We do likes the taste of them,
So cool and slimy.

Jared Flanagan

Jaws dripping venom,
Sagging belly, two huge eyes;
Shelob the Icky

Nat and Rose Sharpe

Galadriel fair
You can keep your silly hair
Gimli wants booty

Scott Campanella

Strider hit a troll
With a stick though it was dead
That is psychotic.

Dan "Inziladun" Brown

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