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Barrow-Downs Tolkien FAQ
Frequently asked questions and common misconceptions

This Tolkien "FAQ's" intent is to address some questions and misconceptions about Middle-Earth which are often encountered. We have decided to base it to some extent on the immense amount of knowledge and facts in our Forum. More installments will be added over time. The installments so far are:

NEW: How many Wizards were there? by SharkŻ

The question how many istari, wizards, there were is often asked and often answered slightly wrongly. SharkŻ tries to dissect the source material for all it's got.

CŪrdan the Shipwright's beard by Legolas

All about the mystery that is Elven facial hair.

Beorn by Legolas

Beorn, the skin-changer in The Hobbit, brings up questions about his nature and origins. Here are some answers.

Also, you might want to take a look at the comprehensive and in-depth article All about Orcs by HerenIstarion.

Glorfindel by SharkŻ

Glorfindel of Gondolin (First Age) and Glorfindel of Rivendell (Third Age) -- are they the same?

Half-Elven Mortality by Legolas

What are the intricacies of the special nature of the Half-Elves Elrond, Elros, and Arwen?

Mortals in Valinor -- The Passing West of the Ringbearers by Legolas

Or, Just what did it mean to sail from the Grey Havens?

Sauron: Physical Form by Legolas

Sauron never leaves his fortress for us to see in the Ring War. Was he just an eyeball, incapable of taking a proper form, having been defeated time and again? (Hint: no.)

The other Wizards by Legolas

Of Gandalf and Saruman we know much, but there were other wizards sent to Middle-Earth. What do we know about them?

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