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Sunday, 22 June 2003

(Letter 020)

Dear Character that has Generously Decided to Answer my Question: I seem to have found what I would like to do with my life, but my parents disagree. You see, I love literature, as in the Ancient Greek/ Renaissance Plays, Manuscripts, Poems, and Novels. Shakespeare is a favorite. Though Tolkien does not fall into that category, I also love his works, and have decided to try writing myself... Journalism seems to be the answer. However... my parents believe I'm gifted in the music area, and wish for me to try out for a scholarship on my instrument, the String Bass. How do I manage to get the pen and parchment encouragement I need from my stubborn parents when all they want me to do is wander about through the forest playing notes???

Yours truly in Frustration,

The Musically-Gifted LonePoptart
Dear Lone Poptart,

You know, there are worse things in life than wandering about the forest playing music, especially if you have someone to dance to it and provide the odd vocal accompaniment. Of course I haven't played for a while myself: some idiot pinched my singer and killed off the band before we even got a decent gig. Mortals! They've no appreciation of the arts!

Anyway, I digress. Whilst music may be all well and good, it doesn't have to be the only thing in your life. I may be a dab hand at the minstrelsy, but I'm also quite proud of that rather nifty runic alphabet, and old Thingol certainly didn't employ me because I could play a bit. Anyway, music's one of those things that you have to love to be good at, and there's no reason why you couldn't keep playing while studying something else: it's a poor place of learning that doesn't have some musicians.

As regards parents, I knew someone once who defied hers. She lost her immortality and ended up married to some unwashed vagrant with a missing hand; not that I'm bitter at all. Mind you, she seems to have been happy by all accounts, and I suppose that's all that matters really. Whatever you decide, I wish you luck as one scholar to another.


(Letter 021)

Dear grave:

I'm having trouble with my biology final. Can you tell me how polypeptide bonds work?

~proteins suck
The water joins, the water separates.


(Letter 022)

Life is so boring sometimes. It never seems to change - its always just same old, same old. How can I make life more interesting for me?

A Very Bored Venya
Dear Venya,

I know how you feel. I stand here day after day, week after week, year after year, and nothing ever happens. It's has been years since anyone of importance has been interred in the Hallows, and I don't recollect the last time anyone has even visted the tombs. And here I sit, and sit I do regardless of regulations, because there is no one here to admonish me for such a slip in discipline. And now every man in the city but me is on the First Wall repelling the hordes of Mordor, and still I sit. Its obvious nothing is going to happen tonight, just like every other night, so I think I'l take a nap. After all, what could possibly happen here?


The Porter of Fen Hollen.

(Letter 023)

Dear Grave Matters

I am in year 7 English and we are studying public speaking. To help us develop this skill, we have to give a speak to the entire secondary school about relationships and dealing with broken friendships (with my family, friends, school, home etc.). I am a really bad public speaker exspecially on this subject. Any tips?

From Annunnwiel of Lorien
Open with something grand, like statements of your obvious superiority over your classmates, but your willingness to share the gift of your knowledge with them. It doesn't hurt to brush up on your wounded martyr stance, either. If need be, refer to your classmate's brats and their penchant for rolling with the dogs. On the off chance this does not move your audience be sure to have something heavy to throw handy.

Saruman the Honey-Tongued

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questions answered?

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