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The Return of the King
Book V
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Book V - Chapter 1
Minas Tirith

Pippin and Gandalf speed eastward on Shadowfax, resting momentarily at Edoras but quickly leaving as a flying Nazgūl passes overhead. They ride hard through the night towards Gondor. Pippin nods in sleep as the miles go by, but is suddenly awakened by a flash of fire in the sky. The beacon hills of Gondor have been lit in a desperate call to Rohan for aid! Shadowfax rides faster through the dark night.

A day and a night later they are still riding hard, but as dawn approaches they are at last reaching the outer defenses of the great Gondorian city of Minas Tirith. Pippin wakes to find Gandalf speaking to the leader of many tall Men who are busily working on repairs to the Rammas Echor, the defensive wall which surrounds the great Pelennor Fields. After a brief discussion, the man allows them to pass.

The sun rises as they ride across the fertile farmlands of the Pelennor towards the Great Gate of the Minas Tirith. As they pass into the city they are hailed by the people who recognize Gandalf. Shadowfax rides through the seven levels to the very summit of the Hill of Guard on which Minas Tirith sits. There, in the great Citadel, they are admitted into the presence of Denethor, the Ruling Steward of Gondor.

Pippin, stirred by the debt he owes to Boromir for saving his life, swears allegiance to Denethor and, as his first duty to his new lord, relays to Denethor all that he knows of Boromir's participation in the Company of the Ring and of his death. All the while Gandalf simmers in supressed anger believing the talk would be better directed at the imminent danger facing the city. But the Steward continues to press Pippin for information, only allowing him to go after an hour. He then sends the hobbit and Gandalf to the rooms prepared for them, promising the wizard counsel in due time.

They find their rooms but do not stay long. Gandalf returns to Denethor to discuss the upcoming war and Pippin meets Beregond, a soldier of the city sent to the hobbit to teach him the passwords of the city and answer any questions he might have.

He takes Pippin to the nearest mess hall for a late breakfast and then they wander through the city talking of Gondor and the far away Shire. They roam for several hours until at last Beregond must report for duty. He recommends that Pippin search for his son Bergil as a replacement guide and companion.

The hobbit wanders down to the First Circle and finds Bergil playing in the courtyard of the Old Guesthouse. The boy is thrilled to learn that Pippin knows the passwords of the city. He leads Pippin through the Great Gate and out onto the road to watch the Captains of the Outlands ride into the city with their armies. They are disappointed at the small forces that pass by. As the last soldier enters the city , Pippin and Bergil follow him in.

Pippin says farewell to Bergil and returns to his room high in the Seventh Circle. He find himself alone in a dark room so he goes to sleep. But he wakes later to find Gandalf pacing and worrying, hoping for news of Faramir, the remaining son of Denethor and a great captain of the city. He tells the young hobbit ominously that a great Darkness has come out of the east and there will be no dawn.


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