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The Two Towers
Book III
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Book III - Chapter 3
The Uruk-Hai

Pippin awakens from a troubled sleep and finds himself bound at the wrists, legs and ankles. Merry is lying pale-faced by his side. Pippin gradually pieces together the events that have led to this situation. Running off into the woods in search of Frodo, surprising a group of Orcs in a clearing and being temporarily rescued by Boromir. He recalls painfully the return of the orcs and the hail of arrows which caused Boromir`s death.

A heated argument is under way amongst their captors. Several tribes of Orcs are present, each of whom speak different dialects of the Black Speech. The Orcs are therefore speaking in the Common Tongue, which enables Pippin to follow the debate. It soon becomes apparent that the Orcs are split into two camps. One group wishes to kill their prisoners and return to their homes, while the other are set upon delivering Merry and Pippin to Saruman`s stronghold at Isengard. Weapons are soon drawn, but the leader of the Isengarders, a particularly powerful Orc named Ugluk, ends the debate by killing two of the other party. During the commotion, Pippin takes the opportunity to sever the bonds at his wrists with the blade of one of the dead Orcs, which has fortuitously landed beside him. He loops the ropes around his wrists, so that his captors do not realise that his hands are free.

Pippin and Merry are then seized and given a foul-tasting draught which, to their surprise, has a considerably rejuvenating effect on them. The Orcs then set off on a forced march. Pippin is hopeful that Aragorn and the others are following them, so he takes the opportunity to dive off the trail, leaving fresh tracks. He also drops the brooch given to him by Galadriel.

The Orcs continue their march at a furious speed, but soon become aware that a band of horsemen from Rohan are chasing them. They redouble their pace, hoping to reach Fangorn Forest, where the cavalry will be at a disadvantage. However, they are brought to bay at the very edge of the wood and surrounded by the horsemen. Night falls soon after and the men of Rohan set camp just outside bowshot of the Orcs and await daybreak.

Taking advantage of the moonless night, a sneak attack by the Rohirrim results in the death of several Orcs. During the confusion which arises after this, an Orc from Mordor named Grishnakh takes hold of Merry and Pippin and begins to search their clothing. Pippin realises that Grishnakh is looking for the Ring and suggests that if the Orc unties them, it could be found more easily. Grishnakh then attempts to carry the hobbits away, but before he can travel more than a dozen strides he is killed by a stray arrow. The Rohirrim have begun their attack. Using Grishankh`s dagger, the hobbits cut their bonds and head into Fangorn Forest.


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