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The Two Towers
Book III
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Book III - Chapter 7
Helm's Deep

The army of Rohan, with Théoden at their lead, ride westward for two days as a great storm grows from the east. They are met by a soldier who reports that Erkenbrand has fled the forces of Saruman and Dunland and is retreating toward the fortress of Helm's Deep. Gandalf advises Théoden to also seek the protection of the fortress, but himself rides in search of Erkenbrand.

Théoden reaches Helm's Deep with Saruman's forces quick behind him, and there is no sign of Erkenbrand or Gandalf. Eomer arrays his forces along the Deeping Wall, leaving only a few at the Dike lower down the valley. Those soldiers are soon overrun and the orcs of Saruman surge to the fortress' high walls. As rain pours, the enemy army halts at the mysterious silence that eminates from Helm's Deep.

Soon the assault begins, and they are met by a hail of arrows. Aragorn and Eomer lead a small force forward to slay the carriers of a great battering ram, and there Eomer is saved by Gimi who slays orcs who surprised him in the dark. Thus begins the great orc slaying contest between the Dwarf and Legolas.

The arrows of Rohan are soon spent, and orcs managed to breach the wall where the river flows out through a great culvert. With orcs in the Deep, the Rohirrim launch a deadly counter-assault and drive them back beyond the wall. Legolas and Gimli participate in the fighting, and the elf leads the contest 24 to 21.

Soon, the wall is breached again at the culvert, this time by explosives, and the fighting moves within the Deeping Wall, forcing the forces of good into the Hornburg. There, Aragorn stands atop the wall and taunts the enemy below, but is forced to run when more 'devilry of Saruman' is used to blast the wall. Just as the orcs and Dunlendings surge toward the new breach, they turn in dismay to see Erkenbrand's forces arrive at their rear.

The pause proves deadly for them, for at that moment Théoden leads a grand cavalry charge, scattering them. But as the forces of Rohan emerge from the fortress, they see that the valley of Helm's Deep has changed beyond recognition. It is filled with a forest of trees, and into that wood many of the enemies of Rohan fled, driven by Gandalf who appears suddenly riding Shadowfax and filling his foes with madness. Those that entered the forest never emerged from it again.

Chapter Description coming soon!


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