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24 Foreyule
T.A. 3018: The Company of the Ring stays in Rivendell preparing for the journey ahead.
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Book I - Chapter
A Short Cut To Mushrooms

Brothers Hildebrandt
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Frodo, Sam and Pippin awake to find the Elves gone. They immediately set out, hoping to reach Crickhollow as soon as possible. Taking Gildor's warning to heart, they leave the road and dive into the thickly forested area that extends in the direction they need to go. Just as they enter the trees, they look back to see a Black Rider high on a hill above them. They plunge into the woods hoping the Rider did not see them, but they hear it shriek a high call, and they hear another answering cry in the distance.

They continue quickly into the trees and quickly become lost. By following a general line eastward, they eventually come out of the woods and enter a wide expanse of fielded territory. They walk across the fields until they recognize a noticeable landmark, Farmer Maggot's home.

When they reach the farmer's gate they are frightened when he sets his dogs on them. Farmer Maggot quickly calls the hounds off and explains why he is being so protective of his property. Earlier in the day, a dark rider on a big black horse had come riding across his lands looking for a hobbit called 'Baggins'. Maggot had chased the rider off, telling him that he'd be more likely to find Bagginses in Hobbiton than in the Marish. And now suddenly he finds a Baggins at his gate.

They tell Maggot that Frodo is moving back to Buckland, so the farmer invites them in for supper. He realizes that the young hobbits are in some kind of trouble, and he offers to give them a ride to the Bucklebury Ferry. They gladly accept, and after supper climb into the back of the farmer's cart and start out into a very foggy night.

The journey to the ferry is more than five miles, and the hobbits startle at every noise they hear in the fog. As they approach the ferry they become more and more nervous. Finally they reach the spot where a lane turns off to the ferry, and they hear what they have been dreading, a horse coming towards them through the fog. They prepare to fight or flee, but are relieved when it turns out to only be Merry Brandybuck come out to see if they had gotten lost in the fog.

They bid Farmer Maggor good-night and continue with their friend to the ferry.

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